What is Xi6

Well the question has been asked several times, and I’m positive it’ll be asked several more. So for the curious minds out there, I’ll give an in depth answer. What does Xi6 mean, and what does it stand for?

The answer simply put is – I don’t know. I was just trying to think up a cool name for a website. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use the website for (As it did take me quite a few years to even put something up, ie. this blog!)

The content I write is primarily for would be Googlers. Someone is looking for an answer to a question, and hopefully via the magic of SEO, they end up on my page. It’s worked out quite well for many entries, and not so well for others. I also use it as a reference and a testing platform from time to time. I like it. It’s mine. :)

So in regards to the name choice, one of my co-workers at the time mentioned some statistics of how few 3 character domain names were left. (Then only .com, .net, and .org were the popular. New tld names were barely starting to surface). I then decided I wanted to snatch one of the very few small domain names. Choice came down to what was available really, but to my surprise this domain was available. It just sounded cool. X, I, 6. More over, I like the number six. How it’s spelled, how it looks, and how it sounds. And as someone pointed out, xi6 backwards is what some consider “l33t” speak. As spelling 6ix reads as six.

I’ve decided that the overall theme or focus behind the domain name will be the number 6. I like six. It’s a perfect number (mathematically).

  • On the 6th day, god created man.
  • 6BC is suspected to be the year Jesus was born.
  • The 6th track of most music albums is the feature track.
  • People are buried 6ft underground.
  • The number of sides to a cube.
  • There are only 6 degrees of separation.
  • 6 upside down is 9.
  • 6 (0110) is the binary complement of 9 (1001).
  • Six LeMure was Blossom’s best friend.

For some more cool information on the number 6, check the following link.

All in all, six is a very cool number. How could you not like it?

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