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Adding a static route in ubuntu linux

by on Mar.05, 2009, under linux/ubuntu

You may come across the circumstance where you have one ip subnet with a gateway ip on a different subnet.

Lets say for instance your static ip is and you need to set the gateway as After your initial setup of static ip, you may notice the destination is unreachable.

configure your static ip via command line

sudo nano /etc/netowork/interfaces

if you hapen to be using centos or fedora, you may use something similar to




in ubuntu using the /etc/network/interfaces file

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

now while all looks right, you probably won’t be able to get online. You can restart your interface with

sudo /etc/init.d/network restart

if you add a custom route to the host and set the default gateway you should then be able to access something

sudo route add -host eth0

sudo route add default gw

hopefully everything should be good to go! Make sure that your /etc/resolve.conf file has proper name servers for your isp.


Now in order to make these changes persistant on startup/reboot you may add them to the /etc/network/interfaces file, but typically that has never worked for me across any distro.

What I do is add them to my rc.local file (which is executed after all other system modules are brought online).

sudo nano /etc/rc.d/rc.local

/sbin/route add -host eth0
/sbin/route add default gw

This should help bring your network back online in case of power outage or reboot. Keep in mind that if you /etc/init.d/network restart you will likely have to manually add those routes by hand again. (no biggie).

To check your routing table just simply

route -n

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The Problem with openDNS nameservers

by on Mar.05, 2009, under The Web

First and foremost, openDNS sucks! They’re trying to offer an advantage over how regular DNS works… but to be honest… there is no advantage other than you’re regular run of the mill DNS. When I type something wrong, I want an error! When I type something right and you spit back something wrong, that pisses people off!

Name resolutions are totally wack! If you use openDNS with ubuntu, centos, or most any other linux distro – you may notice you cannot update your systems! Total crap! And who’s to say they don’t inject their own DNS record so that when you mange to update your system – you’re actually installing a root kit embedded into a package you think is legit.

Using openDNS is the absolute biggest security hole you can possibly think of. All those phishing scams you’re afraid of… well they become 100% transparant when you’re relaying off their servers… they can send you to any page they wish to grab facebook passwords, email passwords, whatever! And guess what, you’re none the wiser! Your address bar still has the address you think it is, but you could very well be connected to a different server.

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